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How to Build Your Brand Authority Using SEO

Your brand is the personality and qualities of your company, and it tells your customers why they should use your products or services. If you have strong brand authority, it’s easier to persuade your audience to purchase more from your business.

Brand authority is what it sounds like: It’s the type of presence your brand commands, a preceding reputation of your expertise and trustworthiness. And while it does take some time (and grit) to craft a dominating brand authority, it’s easier than you think.

By using search engine optimization techniques, you can boost your brand authority. And because you need to use SEO for a great website, using SEO to improve branding kills two birds with one stone.

4 Ways to Build Brand Authority
Let’s look at why correctly implementing SEO best practices can build your brand’s authority.

1. Quality Content Showcases Your Expertise
How Quality Content Helps SEO: Content is one of Google’s top two ranking factors, so it’s important to pack your website with quality, high-value, and informative content.

The types of content to create will depend on your audience, but the trend these days is toward video content and infographics. However, some niches still prefer text-based content like blog posts and white papers. Whichever you choose, they all need to have high quality.

How Quality Content Builds Brand Authority: Having a website rich in knowledgeable content will set the tone that you are an expert in your respective field.

By touching on a variety of topics—from the basics to the “controversial”—you’ll touch on areas of interest for all members of your audience, whether they’re students looking for information or professionals wanting to stay informed.

If you’re struggling to generate great topics, try thinking of questions that your audience might have and write blogs answering those questions. By specifically targeting questions that are frequently asked, you’ll come up more in relevant search results.

You can also use a website such as Answer the Public and grab new insights in seconds.

2. Build Backlinks Through Easily Digestible Content
How Backlinks Help SEO: Backlinks are great for two reasons. First, it helps boost your rankings if other websites of high caliber link to your website. Second, it tells readers that your website (or at least one piece of content) is valuable enough to be used as a source. Indeed, backlinks are the other fundamental part of SEO along with content.

How Backlinks Build Brand Authority: Beyond the obvious connection between backlinks, high rankings, and the perception of brand based on SERP position, there is another way backlinks build brand authority: influencer marketing.

If your content gets a backlink from influencers in your niche, it can have the power of a celebrity endorsement.

One of the best ways to build backlinks is through easily digestible content. Both infographics and videos are highly shareable because they tend to be shorter and visually captivating. In fact, visual content is 40 times more likely to be shared on social media. Just make sure to choose one of the best marketing tools for backlink tracking to monitor the results of your efforts.

3. An Organized UI Makes for a Great User Experience
How an Organized UI Helps SEO: A search engine’s bots will crawl your website to index your content. You want it to easily understand your website’s structure so it can find all of your relevant content.

Surprisingly, a site UI that’s easy for bots to crawl is well-matched with a site UI that’s easy for humans to understand. An organized site brings a better user experience, which means more views and a further push up the rankings.

How an Organized UI Builds Brand Authority: According to Siegel+Gale’s Global Brand Simplicity Index for 2017, 61% of consumers are more likely to recommend a brand that offers simpler experiences and communications.

The same can be said of brand authority: You want to come across as an expert, but you also want people to identify your brand with a great experience. And by having an organized website, your audience can easily find your content and whatever else they may be seeking.

4. Respond to Customers on Social Media
How Social Media Helps SEO: Social media doesn’t affect your website’s rank; however, your brand’s social media can influence the content that appears in search results related to your brand.

It’s also a great channel on which to share content. And according to Neil Patel, it’s best to “understand that search engine optimization includes the search that happens on social media search engines.” It’s just another way potential customers can find you.

How Social Media Builds Brand Authority: Showcase your expertise by responding directly to your audience’s inquiries. When they tweet a question to you, you should do your best to respond quickly and thoroughly.

Plus, by sharing quality content from your website on your social media accounts, you’ll be using anothe

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